Increase in Passenger Traffic at Frankfurt Airport

Thu 16th May, 2024

Image by Mr_Worker from PixabayFrankfurt Airport experienced a notable rise in passenger traffic in April, with approximately 5.1 million travelers passing through. This marks an increase of nearly 5.6 percent compared to April of the previous year. However, this figure still represents a 15.6 percent decrease compared to April 2019, the last pre-crisis year. The long-term goal of returning to or surpassing pre-crisis levels remains unmet.

Cargo Volume and Flight Movements

Cargo volume at Frankfurt Airport saw a significant boost, with a 10.7 percent increase to 171,501 tons compared to April 2023. Despite this growth, the cargo volume remained 3.8 percent below the April 2019 level. Flight movements also rose by 5.8 percent from April 2023, with 37,556 take-offs and landings. Yet, this figure is still 14 percent lower than in April 2019.

International Airport Performance

Fraport, the airport's operator, reported passenger increases across most of its international holdings. Turkish Antalya Airport saw a 13 percent rise, reaching 2.4 million passengers in April. Lima Airport in Peru experienced a 19.4 percent increase, totaling around 1.9 million passengers. Slovenia's Ljubljana Airport recorded a 17.1 percent rise with 111,414 passengers. The 14 Greek regional airports managed by Fraport had a slight increase of 0.9 percent, totaling 1.6 million passengers.

Conversely, the Brazilian airports of Fortaleza and Porto Alegre experienced a 3.6 percent decline, handling 936,854 passengers. Bulgaria's Twin Star airports, Burgas and Varna, saw a significant decrease of 34.7 percent, with 98,666 travelers.

The overall increase in passenger numbers at many of Fraport's international airports indicates a positive trend in global air travel, though some regions continue to face challenges in returning to pre-crisis levels.

Image by Mr Worker from Pixabay


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