Fly little pigeon - The migrant generation

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Immigration, a key element in the 20th-century working-class context of an underdeveloped world, persists to this day with the added attraction that today´s work is virtual and remote, which makes moving an opportunity rather than an obligation. Gone are those young dreams of young people getting off ships, after weeks and weeks of travel, to start a new life in unknown and even cruel lands. Today, a hundred years later, the so-called millennials travel the world looking for broadband in lands photographed by a search engine, betting on projects that are more personal than social, depending on who looks at it. The truth is that it doesn't take much to expel our promises and place them in apparently first-rate systems. In contrast, the roots and the sense of belonging are diluted like that radio that accumulates cobwebs in a corner, something like a story that someone once told. Simply a memory. The craft, the handicraft, the art embodied in fabrics, for example, a corporeal object, a book, a hug, are disappearing. These days everything is cooked in ethereal and volatile environments, devoid of romance that makes the internet its greatest love and also its executioner; because today, due to the pandemic, our lifestyle and above all our working conditions and contexts have been reformulated, making us totally dependent on the blessed technology. We shall see where it takes us by the hand.

Generations keep moving, it is true. Language barriers continue to be broken down and the world needs everyone, not just those who can get there. Today we all have the chance. Let's hope to do something important.

"People used to travel to work. Today s people work traveling".

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