Barcelona is burning

PH: Antonio Cansino

Coalition government. Coalition society. Scratches that day by day are widening the gap between people who, some disguised as people, shout justice to the four winds. At a time when Catalan society is sailing through turbulent waters of instability and concern, calls for freedom of expression clash with the windows of premises that are in turn "defended" by the police squads of the Catalan Govern. Who is to be believed? If some, hiding behind the law, imprison, oppress and deny civilians the possibility to speak, travel or work, or the others, taking cover in the contradiction of the issue, attack, break and steal in order to protest. In this world where the good guys are not so good and the bad guys are even worse, roles are bent and sometimes broken. For weeks now we have been living with fire, riots, and repression. The unexplainable fire that burns among us, which goes through the impotence of this new world, of this new life, of this new version of ourselves. We are moving away; we have been breaking away for a long time and we look for the rivalry, the excuse, the aggression, raising a flag that says enough is enough. But as always the target is mistaken, or is it that our letter sent never reaches the right addressee? Coalition government. Coalition society where the enemy is never who it should be.

PH: Antonio Cansino in Pixabay

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