The Paradox of Selective Awareness: "Woke" Businesses and Unfounded Discrimination

Tue 22nd Aug, 2023

In recent times, the term "woke" has gained prominence, signifying an increased awareness and sensitivity towards social issues and injustices. Many businesses have embraced this ethos, promoting progressive values and aligning their branding with societal causes. However, a paradox has emerged, as certain "woke" businesses themselves exhibit behaviors that seem contrary to the very principles they claim to uphold. This article delves into the phenomenon of "woke" businesses discriminating against other enterprises without apparent justification.

The Evolution of Woke Culture

The concept of being "woke" originally arose from a desire to address systemic inequalities, racism, gender bias, and other social injustices. It was meant to promote inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility. Over time, this term has found its way into corporate narratives, with businesses positioning themselves as beacons of progressivism and virtue.

The Selective Discrimination Dilemma

Ironically, some businesses championing "woke" values have been accused of practicing discrimination against other companies based on unfounded grounds. This behavior has led to an ethical dilemma, wherein the principle of equality they advocate for is not always reflected in their actions.

Examples of Discriminatory Practices

  1. Unjustified Boycotts: Some "woke" businesses have been observed boycotting or denouncing other companies without substantiated reasons. These boycotts can cause substantial harm, impacting not only the targeted businesses but also their employees and stakeholders.

  2. Unverified Allegations: In the name of promoting social justice, certain enterprises have rushed to endorse accusations against other companies without thorough fact-checking. This not only undermines the legitimacy of their cause but also harms innocent entities.

  3. Inaccurate Labeling: Labeling a business as "unethical" or "non-progressive" without proper evidence can perpetuate baseless rumors, contributing to an environment of divisiveness rather than promoting unity.

The Motivations Behind the Discrimination

The motivations for such discriminatory behavior within "woke" businesses are complex. Some might stem from the desire to outdo competitors by positioning themselves as morally superior. Others could be driven by a misguided attempt to align with popular narratives or garner public attention through controversy.

The Repercussions

Discriminatory actions undertaken by "woke" businesses can have far-reaching consequences. These actions can lead to division within the business community, damage reputations, and foster an environment where discourse and understanding take a backseat to sensationalism.


While many businesses strive to be "woke" and advocate for positive change, it is crucial for them to remain consistent with the principles they espouse. Selective discrimination against other businesses undercuts the very foundation of social justice they claim to champion. A true commitment to progressivism demands integrity, accountability, and a steadfast dedication to genuine inclusivity and fairness in all their dealings.  In this series of articles on woke corporate culture and the dangers they present to the West, we will look into online payment systems and their war on any other business they disagree with and wish to cancel.

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